Week 21

I really enjoyed the webinar this week, I have been in a very bad place for the last few weeks.  I’m not sure what is going on. I have had some health issues, money issues and work issues to put it mildly.  My old blueprint is hanging on with nails bared.  I just can’t seem to break free.  My health issues are regarding my memory and concentration. I am off work because of my memory and I have a huge issue with focus. It is very hard for me to remember all the things involved in my everyday life let alone the mkmma.  I have been listening to the “think and grow rich” audiobook and have made some more discoveries about myself.  All through this process I have been very “blue” I have made my dmp about what I thought was expected and not what my heart really desires.  The other day I had an epiphany, I realized that I really don’t want to do network marketing at all.  I love flowers and plants and I want to put some raise organic gardens in my yard and grow some healthy food for the family.  I don’t know how this will translate into an income that will allow me to retire officially, but I am trusting the universal mind to show me the plan when I need it.

I’m sure this isn’t the usual blog post for this time in the course, but it’s all I got.  I really wish I was doing better, but it seems that I am still having inspiration and aha moments.

Here’s to week 22


Week 15 & 16

Wow, I really am confused now.  I think that the last two to three weeks have taken their toll on me.  All along I thought that this network marketing is what I wanted, now I’m not sure. I have a real fear that I can’t do it, it feels far from my comfort zone.  I ‘m not sure if this is the old blueprint or clarity.  I would love to work with my sister and make a real go of our mlm businesses, but I saw how to,  and have started to get my e-commerce store up and going.  I think that this may be much more to my liking.  I could work from home, make a good living and do the things I love to do.

What I should have said earlier is that I have been having troubles at work. The day after getting a 7-day suspension I “just happened” to come across the course for e-commerce and I am still reeling. I don’t know if this is gods way of telling me to change the whole course of my life, bad luck at work, or my old blueprint taking over.

I am so confused and really tired both physically and emotionally.

Hanging on by my fingernails.



week 14

I am very excited for the webinar week 15. I can see things coming together. This break has been better than normal, I have done a better job keeping up with things and I am just excited to see what this week brings.  Christmas was quieter than some I have had but that is not a bad thing. Its nice just to see everyone and touch base.

Week 11

I was sure that I had done a week 11 blog, but it wasn’t there. Low and behold it was sitting in my drafts file. Maybe I’m not doing a bad as previously thought.

I have been listening a lot to Emmerson, the master keys, my dmp to music, I love the 3rd scroll. I have found that my whole life I have backed out of things that are too hard or I lose interest very quickly in things. I still feel this whole process as well as life is overloading my circuit’s.  I will learn persistence with help from God and the scroll marked 3. For the last 3 Sundays I have had people walk in just about the time that the tribe call is about to happen so I’ve missed them I have been working for 2 of the mkmma webinars so I am watching reruns. I am determined to have things more controlled soon.

Last week one day we woke up and looked out the bedroom window to see 2 deer standing in our backyard. that was amazing.

I wish everyone well and may your Christmas wishes come true.

Week 13

During the webinar on Sunday I had a little panic attack. I just couldn’t put all of this together in my head. I think it had something to do with a change in my ppn’s. I have had a feeling that they weren’t correct. I started with true health and spiritual growth, then true health and recognition for creative expression, now I am sure that they should be Liberty and recognition for creative expression. I have been fighting to figure out what the traction point really was for my ppn’s. This has been an issue since the beginning, I was doing mkmme and go90grow and feeling a little guilty spending time on g90g because it seemed I couldn’t do both well, I couldn’t figure out what to do to help my business grow.  When I changed the ppn’s it seemed really clear that my POA could be studying go90grow. Its really hard to explain but I was confused and I always have the fear of “being left behind” if you know what I mean.

During the call on Sunday I went into the alliances and posted my dilemma and 2 people responded with great encouragement. Needless to say I went to bed a little confused on Sunday, but when I awoke on Monday my head was crystal clear. I am up to date on my reading and I’ve redone all the original cards and feel much better going on.

I wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Christmas


Week 12

This is actually quite embarrassing, I thought I had finished my week 11 blog but when I look tonight I am far behind. I honestly didn’t realize that this amount of time had come and gone without me weighing in on the experience.  I found that the webinar this week has really lighted a fire under me to finish the year strong, one day at a time.  I found the check sheet  in the resource area and by checking everything off I will get this thing working for me so much better. I really love what is printed on the top of this sheet. “Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you” Persistence is an issue for me so this scroll is amazing. I have the tools to light things up for the new year that is almost upon us. I plan to enjoy the ride.


Hi everyone, I realize that this is late but I’m having a little trouble trying to think of any thing substantial to say about this week. I think I’m losing steam,  there is really no other way of putting it. So many things on my plate and I have let things slide a bit. I am going to pick myself up and get back on track. I feel like something is missing for me, not sure what, but I will keep up with the reading and trying to get my business going. I think the old blueprint is messing with the best laid plans. I guess I will be in touch next week and hopefully I can bring a better state of mind.