Week 8

This has been a quiet week, working from 3-11 really doesn’t leave much time for anything more than sleep and some reading.  I am feeling good today, I have taken hours and gone through and updated and organized everything for this course. I think that is some of my problems, I don’t always keep organized, then I forget to do things, then I get down on myself for not getting everything done etc… But, today everything is caught up and organized and I’m ready for the webinar.

Hope everyone is well


5 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. The freight train is slowly moving, but watch out when it gains momentum …. you/we will be unstoppable. You are doing well, one step at the time. Can not wait to cross with you the finish line and celebrating together with everybody else here VICTORY over our old Blueprint!!

    Patience…we all move at our own pace too.


  2. Great thoughts…I too went through and organized tonight…found blank MKMMA Excel organizer sheets I printed out some time ago that I love using they keep my life organized. In case you haven’t seen them they are under the heading of Resources.


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