Week 11

I was sure that I had done a week 11 blog, but it wasn’t there. Low and behold it was sitting in my drafts file. Maybe I’m not doing a bad as previously thought.

I have been listening a lot to Emmerson, the master keys, my dmp to music, I love the 3rd scroll. I have found that my whole life I have backed out of things that are too hard or I lose interest very quickly in things. I still feel this whole process as well as life is overloading my circuit’s.  I will learn persistence with help from God and the scroll marked 3. For the last 3 Sundays I have had people walk in just about the time that the tribe call is about to happen so I’ve missed them I have been working for 2 of the mkmma webinars so I am watching reruns. I am determined to have things more controlled soon.

Last week one day we woke up and looked out the bedroom window to see 2 deer standing in our backyard. that was amazing.

I wish everyone well and may your Christmas wishes come true.


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