Week 15 & 16

Wow, I really am confused now.  I think that the last two to three weeks have taken their toll on me.  All along I thought that this network marketing is what I wanted, now I’m not sure. I have a real fear that I can’t do it, it feels far from my comfort zone.  I ‘m not sure if this is the old blueprint or clarity.  I would love to work with my sister and make a real go of our mlm businesses, but I saw how to,  and have started to get my e-commerce store up and going.  I think that this may be much more to my liking.  I could work from home, make a good living and do the things I love to do.

What I should have said earlier is that I have been having troubles at work. The day after getting a 7-day suspension I “just happened” to come across the course for e-commerce and I am still reeling. I don’t know if this is gods way of telling me to change the whole course of my life, bad luck at work, or my old blueprint taking over.

I am so confused and really tired both physically and emotionally.

Hanging on by my fingernails.




3 thoughts on “Week 15 & 16

  1. I hear where you are coming from Ruth.
    You have answered both of your issues here.
    1/ the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone is definitely the old blueprint. If it felt easy and comfortable you would not be growing and moving forward.
    2/ The issues at work and the e-commerence popping up. A sign from the Universe.

    What you chose to do, we’ll that is up to you. Ask the Gal in the Glass!


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