Press Release

Hi, this is Kathy Jones with the Hastings Chronicle

Here we are on the porch of the lovely new home that Ruth Bon and her hubby Denis have built just south of the little town of Hastings, On, Canada.  I am here on this beautiful sunny fall day with a warm apple cider to talk to Ruth about the major changes that have taken place in her life over the past few months.

Karen: So Ruth, lets start at the beginning, when did you start to see these changes happening?

Ruth: Well, it all started in September of 2017 when I received a PIF Scholarship at the MKMMA. I have never done anything so difficult in my life. On many occasions I tried to bow out, but everyone there was so supportive and Davene made me understand how important it was to finish what I started. Right around Week 5 + 6  I really put the pedal to the medal and started making more sense of all the things I was learning regarding my subconscious mind and how to reprogram my mind to bring about changes in prosperity, self acceptance and much more. I say all this to explain that sometimes in life things are worth fighting for, and this was one of those things.

Karen:  When did you notice these changes start happening?

Ruth:  Just after Christmas of 2017 I noticed that money wasn’t the problem it used to be, things were getting easier and by May of 2018 I was able to purchase this beutiful swim spa and we incorporated it into the new deck  Denis was building at the side and back of the house.

Karen: What happened next?

Ruth:  Since the swim spa was installed I have been faithfully swimming for a half hour each and every day, and the results in my body and self image have been incredible. I never knew that I could actually feel love for myself and be proud and excited for each and every new day.

Karen: How did your family respond to this?

Ruth: Well it was really quite remarkable, my two sons (who were real underachievers) noticed that things were changing for me and they just had to know what was happening, so I turned them on to the MKMMA and I helped them to register for a PIF scholarship of their own.

Karen: Any other changes?

Ruth: Yes, my quilting and Knitting and container gardening has become a hit. People are really reacting kindly to my quilts and the fruits of my gardens.  It is really nice to have people talking about the great work I do and asking for my help in setting up thier own gardens. I now make some of my quilts for people in palliative care to help them feel cozy and loved.